Exceptional closure

Dear customers, dear visitors,

After a complete technological renovation carried out over the past three years, the CICG is now offering you an interior renovation and will soon adopt a resolutely modern, bright and airy style.

As a result of this work of renewal, the CICG shall be closed from December 7, 2020 until the end of April 2021.

During this period, our Varembé Conference Centre (CCV) remains open for the organization of your events, whether they are face-to-face, in hybrid or virtual format.


We look forward to welcoming you in Spring 2021 in our renovated Centre!

  • 20'000'000 CHF
    of investment
  • 4 months
    of closure


in earth we trust

 •... aiming first at efficiency: accessibility, multifunctionality, flexibility, cutting-edge technology


•... letting the place speak through the debated thematic issues: environment, governance, health, humanitarian, climate, biodiversity


•… giving voice to the Earth through the main elements that make it up: water, earth, air,wood, plants



The renovation of the CICG includes 7 main components


  • new carpet laying in all the main areas of the Centre
  • new ceilings and light fixtures throughout the CICG
  • a new reception desk
  • the complete renovation of our bar
  • renumbering of rooms and spaces
  • creation of a co-working area
  • several technical renovations (movable panels, ventilation, lighting, fire detection, screeds,...)

Space relooking

The current ceilings will be dismantled and replaced with canvas ceilings which will significantly improve the light and acoustics in all spaces. 

By its color, the carpet introduces the vegetal element. It is ideal for reducing and absorbing noise pollution.

Wood and stone add building blocks of our planet.



Reception desk

Practical, functional and elegant.

Our future reception desk has been specially designed to fit your needs.

Our reception team will complement this new system in order to respond to all your requests.


The Bar

A living space made up of meetings and conviviality, it must also be capable of offering some privacy.

Participants can share views in open break-out spaces or meet for more discreet discussions.

Way finding in the Centre

novelties signage

The new orientation concept, ranging from the renumbering of rooms and open areas to adapted and airy signage, will allow you to go around the Centre at your ease, knowing exactly how to reach the place of your choice.

Renumbering of rooms
New Signage
Pictograms of spaces