Welcoming and Relaxation

Welcome area -Main entrance hall

1280 sqm multi-purpose space :

At the entrance to the Centre, close to the main conference rooms, the very convenient situated hall can be set up, according  to your needs for :

  • Cloakrooms

  • Welcome desks

  • Security structures
  • Documentation areas
  • Dedicated areas (partiicpants, press, exhibitors, sponsors...)

  • Exhibitions, workshops, presentation shows...

  • Cocktail parties, coffee breaks, lunches, dinners,...

  • A central lift, with access to each floor of the CICG, is directly accessible and near the entrance


3D view


Bar Léman

  • 350 sqm

  • Seating for up to 100

  • Daylight

  • Bar with hot and cold snacks

  • Seating areas with international library
  • Newspaper and souvenirs stand


3D animated view