Level 3

Level 3

Although most convention goers can expect a vast, efficient infrastructure offering a broad panoply of services, being able to meet in small, informal groups is clearly an added benefit. Far from the madding crowd, the plush VIP suite has an adjoining terrace and four committee rooms, two of which can be combined into one. All are equipped with interpreters' booths. These features will contribute to your success.

A separate entrance ensures total privacy for users of the "Espace Dunant".


  • Espace Dunant
    Committee rooms

    Rooms 5 - 6 (combinable)
    Seating capacity: 90
    Spacious, offering various combinations, with master control room and six interpreters' booths per room.

    Rooms 19 - 20
    Room accommodating 24 to 40 people, with natural light.
  • VIP Suite
    40 square meters
    Combinable, featuring bar, private bathroom and terrace access.
  • Emergency exits