Level 2

Level 2

A job well done is the fruit of savoir-faire and hard work. You will feel your problems dissipate as you find effortless solutions in this harmonious setting, which is conducive to productive meetings, discussions and negotiations.

There are six committee rooms on this level, with office space at your disposal. This multi-purpose space of 630 square meters can be tailored to meet your needs. Once again, flexibility and versatility sum up the ICCG.

  3D floor plan

  • Committee rooms
Rooms 7 - 8 (combinable)
2 rooms with seating capacity for 40
Any number of combinations are possible by merging or dividing the rooms into separate units.

Rooms 11 - 12 - 13 - 14

Can accommodate 16 to 80 people.
Can be used as committee rooms or executive suites as you see fit..
  630 square meters
Suitable for installing landscaped offices, exhibition halls and other purposes.
  29 offices, including 6 double offices, i.e. 60 workstations with direct telephone, fax and Internet access
  • Emergency exits