Level 1

Level 1

Combining the large auditorium with the three lower-level meeting rooms offers an amazing capacity of 2,200. The four main meeting rooms can be readily expanded or divided in no time at all by using our 60-tonne moveable partitions.

There are comfortable armchairs, sprawling tables, ultra-modern technical installations, interpreters' booths in each room, sound equipment and power outlets on each table and all the trappings of cutting-edge technology.

A spacious restaurant, opening onto a sun-lit, tree-lined terrace, will give you a chance to disconnect and discover the delights of a varied menu boasting garden-fresh ingredients.

3D Floor plan 


  • Auditorium
Room 1 (combinable)
Seating capacity: 972
Can be combined with ground-floor rooms (level 0) for large plenary sessions, accommodating up to 2,200 people.
  • Multi-purpose area
Suitable for exhibitions and executive suites.
  1,250 square meters, seats 800
Large bar
  800 square meters, seats 200
  • Emergency exits