History of the CICG and FIPOI

History of the CICG and FIPOI

The International Conference Centre Geneva is owned by the Foundation for the Building Foundation for International Organizations (FIPOI), statutory independant foundation created in 1964 by the Swiss Confederation and the Cantonal State of Geneva.

The CICG was inaugurated in 1973 and was built by the FIPOI to accommodate international conferences at governmental level of a political, economic, technical or scientific nature as well as private congresses of any kinds. Between October 2004 and October 2005, the original construction was entirely renovated and its capacity enlarged. A new extended entrance and an innovative, flexible multi-purpose area, among other state-of-the-art improvements, make it the ideal venue for a wide range of events.


Building Foundation for International Organisations

The " Building Foundation for International Organisations " (FIPOI) was set up jointly by the federal and Genevan authorities in 1964, with the purpose of making premises available in Geneva Canton to Intergovernmental Organizations based in Geneva or holding international conferences in the city.

Being a non-profit foundation according to private law, the objective of the FIPOI is to facilitate the establishment of intergovernmental organisations in the canton of Geneva.

Our foundation finances, builds, manages, and maintains buildings provided to intergovernmental organisations with headquarters in Geneva, or wishing to get established in this city.

The FIPOI therefore offers competitive reception facilities to international organisations, and represents the policy of overture intended by the Swiss Government and the authorities of Geneva.

The FIPOI's task is to:

  • Lease office accomodation at affordable prices, and maintain such accomodation
  • Advise and assist Intergovernemental Organizations on the construction and maintenance premises
  • Provide finance on favourable terms for building headquarters for Intergovernemental Organizations
  • Find premises or sites for Intergovernemental Organizations wishing to become in Geneva or develop their activities there